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Bringing military families together for the holidays since 2001!

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen EIGHTEEN nineteen years ago I asked some of you folks for help with an idea I had.

And for these last nineteen years, we've done a pretty bang up job of getting our young military folks home to spend the holidays with their families. We've done LBEH through three different presidents. Through wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We've done LBEH through hurricanes; remember I live in Florida. Kat moved to two different states, once each for me and Bibi. Kat's recently retired from her airline job. Bibi's house burned down a decade or so ago. I broke my ankle a few years back. Heck, we've all weathered various maladies of some sort. Yet throughout all of this, we did our best to keep the tickets going.

So it is with a heavy heart when I say, there will be no LBEH campaign this year. The DoD has an abundance of Covid-19 travel restrictions in place for both military and civilian personnel. So much so in fact, that active duty military personnel are being allowed to accrue twice the normal amount of leave because they aren't allowed to travel.

Please understand that our decision not to do LBEH this year is based exclusively on these DoD travel restrictions. We do not have an opinion on whether or not Covid-19 is not being taken seriously enough, or blown way out of proportion. We don't care who won the presidency, or who you voted for. We are not pro-mask or anti-mask. We are not anti-science or anti-freedom, or any other of the political spins one can apply to the current state of affairs.

The simple truth is these travel restrictions, coupled with the inherent inflexibility of military leave -- at a time when there is a marked increase in the number of last minute flights delays and cancellations due to Covid-19 -- we can't in good conscience book the few valid requests we might get, knowing full well their itineraries stand a greater than normal chance of getting bounced around.

Thus Kat, Bibi and myself talked it over and we all arrived at the unanimous decision to put a pin in LBEH for this year. I know this isn't the news you were hoping for, and we put this decision off as long as we could hoping something would break but it didn't. And so we have to make the tough call here and turn our eyes towards next year.

For those military folks hoping to get a ticket this year, I can only offer my most sincere apologies. The Year Who Shall Not Be Named just conspired a little more against you than it did everyone else, and I'm sorry for that. And to the folks who would still like to donate, I implore you to do so. A nice influx of donations this year would set us up for a very nice start for next year. And rest assured we won't take your money fly off to Fiji -- the flight would probably be cancelled anyway, haha -- and your donation will still help to get a young service member home for Christmas. It'll just be Christmas of 2021.

So with another eight weeks to go in this year from hell, keep your head down a little longer, and we'll see you all next year. You know, provided there are no murder hornets. -- Kat, Bibi and Ernie

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