Let's Bring Em Home!
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Current status

1 tickets completed Donations received: $0.00
Miles donated: 0
Number of donors: 0
Amount still needed: $31,197.96

Ticket Requests

First 4 of last name


Pay grade

Stationed at

Returning to



Ankl USAF E2 Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska El Paso, TX -- On hold
Arag USAF E4 Yokota AFB, Tokyo Albuquerque, NM -- On hold
Gils USAF E3 JBER, Alaska Waco, Texas $2000 On hold
Greg USA E3 Schofield Barracks, Hawaii Lincolnton NC $2000 In progress
Huac USAF E3 RAMSTEIN AB, GERMANY San Juan, Puerto Rico $2000 In progress
Jone USA E4 Fort Wainwright, Alaska Atlanta,Georgia $2000 In progress
Kamp USAF E1 Sheppard AFB, TX Brampton, United Kingdom $2000 In progress
Koch USAF E4 Schriever AFB, Co Sofia, Bulgaria $2000 In progress
LACL USA E3 Fort Wainwright, Alaska New York -- On hold
Marv USA E4 Katterbach K�sern, Germany Kennedale TX -- Received
Mays USA E4 Schofield Barracks HI Massillon OH $2000 In progress
Mcva USA E3 Fort wainwright Alaska Akron Ohio $2000 In progress
Mend USAF E3 Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska Houston, Texas $2000 On hold
Nola USA E3 Ft Wainwright Alaska West Palm Beach Florida -- On hold
Norm USA E4 Ft. Wainwright, Alaska Largo, Florida $2000 In progress
Pier USA E3 Fort Wainwright, Alaska Baldwin, NY $2000 In progress
Reye USAF E4 Kadena AB Okinawa Los Angeles CA $2000 In progress
Smit USA E2 Ft. Wainwright, Ak Hartford City,Indiana $2000 In progress
Spot USAF E4 OSAN AB, REPUBLIC OF KOREA Rapid city, Rosebud Sioux Tribe reservation SOUTH DAKOTA $4000 In progress
Sslu USA E4 Ft. Wainwright alaska Honolulu hawaii -- On hold
Valc USAF E3 Travis AFB, California Betesda, MD $1197.96 Ticketed!

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Let's Bring Em Home! Current status How you can help Request a ticket About us Our FAQ Other links Contact us