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Ticket request form



1. LBEH was created to help single military personnel, or married but stationed away from their families. We CAN NOT fly married servicemembers, UNLESS the servicemember is stationed away from their spouse/family. We can NOT fly military families.

2. LBEH was created to help JUNIOR ENLISTED personnel, pay grades E1-E4. We can NOT assist those enlisted pay grades E5 or higher, or officers.

3. Only one ticket per person per lifetime. If you've received a ticket from LBEH before, you CAN NOT receive another.


1. We are NOT YET ACCEPTING: INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS. The window for international flights has CLOSED.

2. We are ACCEPTING: DOMESTIC/CONUS ticket requests. That is to say flights that start and end here in the lower 48 states.

3. We are NOT ACCEPTING: flights to or from HAWAII OR ALASKA, because they are not in the lower 48 states.

4. NO LONG WEEKEND TRIPS -- you MUST have at least 7 days of APPROVED leave and start on or before JANUARY 15th, 2018. Any requests less than 7 days or that begin later than mid-January will be AUTOMATICALLY DENIED.

5. We MUST reach your supervisor. If we can not reach your supervisor your request will be AUTOMATICALLY DENIED.


This is the first year where all of us who work on LBEH -- Kat, Bibi and Ernie -- have full time jobs to keep us occupied. This means time becomes as valuable resource, and we will not be able to make repeated attempts to correct an individual's application. So for your own sake, make sure ALL of your information is accurate when you submit your application, as you most likely won't have a chance to correct it later, and incorrect or incomplete applications will be denied.

Please fill out ALL the following information completely. Missing info = delays = you might not get a ticket.

FIRST, please tell us about yourself.
First name (EXACTLY as it appears on ID)
Last name (EXACTLY as it appears on ID)
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Branch of service are you in
SECOND, we need some contact information, for you AND your supervisor.
After receiving your application, one of the first steps we take is to contact your supervisor for the purpose of verifying your military status. The better contact information you provide, the faster this process will go. Please remember NO DSN contact numbers for you or your supervisor. In 2012 we had to deny a record number of tickets because we weren't able to reach supervisors as part of our verification process!
Name and rank of supervisor
Phone number of supervisor (cell or duty phone) ###-###-#### NO ( ) MARKS!
Phone number where YOU can be reached immediately (cell phone is ideal) ###-###-####
Phone number where you are headed to (parent's home phone?) ###-###-####
Military email address (give your supervisor's if you do not have one)
Alternate email address (your personal email works)
THIRD, let's talk about your duty station and where you are traveling FROM
What installation are you stationed at, and what state is it in?
What is the closest commercial airport to where you are stationed?
What dates do you have OFFICIAL leave. SORRY, NO 3 OR 4 DAY WEEKENDS!
What is the earliest day and time you can leave your duty station?
What is the absolute latest time you can arrive back at your duty station?
FOURTH, let's talk about where you are flying TO
Exact city and state you are visiting while on leave?
What is the closest commercial airport to that destination?
Is there anything else we need to know, special circumstances, or anything you would like to say? NOTE: IF THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL TICKET REQUEST YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR SUPERVISOR'S .MIL MILITARY EMAIL ADDRESS HERE
MEDIA CONTACT? Should we be asked by your local media to share your contact information, is it okay to put them in touch with you?

Please remember, since we are a non-profit, we have no advertising budget; the only publicity we get is when the media picks up a story and wants to speak to someone we helped. We will only share your information with legitimate news outlets and even then, only upon request. We would never share or sell your information, in any form, to any other third-parties.
STOP AND READ ME! I understand that once LBEH purchases an airline ticket it is non-refundable, and sometimes there is a delay from the time the ticket is actually purchased, until the time I am notified. Therefore, if I have the opportunity to get a ticket somewhere elsewhere, I will notify kat@lbeh.org BEFORE I accept the other ticket! I have provided correct contact information and understand that LBEH will contact me within 72 hours if I am being declined! I agree!
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